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Big & Bigger

Check out how we create posters, menu boards, and wall covers for Williams Chicken.

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Wheel Covers

Big Sky's large outputs become moving pictures when we wrap them around your cars and trucks.

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File Formats

To ensure the highest quality output, Big Sky requires the highest quality input!

Color Profiles

Please embed a color profile into the art if you have it available. This will ensure correct color matching through our art pipeline and equipment.

Bitmapped Art

Images such as photos can be provided in the bitmapped formats below:

  • Photoshop PDF
  • Gimp XCF
  • TIFF
  • PNG (24-bit)
  • BMP (Windows 24-bit)

Please provide artwork in compressed formats such as JPEG, if at all possible. This type of compression modifies images in a way that can't be reversed.

Please provide art in GIF or 8-bit PNG format. These file formats have been chopped down to only 256 total colors. These will not turn out correctly on your final product.

Resolution. While we have all the modern equipment expected in a Art company, we don't have the software they use on CSI. We need high resolution art for the finished piece. At least 150 ppi (Pixels Per Inch) are necessary for good, clean output. To decide on "how big" a picture should be, take the size the final printed image will be in inches and multiply that by 150 to get the required size of the photo in pixels. These problems don't exist in vector artwork.

Vector Art

Illustrations and infographics are best provided in a vector format. This allows smooth scaling up and down in output size. We can handle vector data in the formats below:

  • Illustrator AI
  • Illustrator Legacy EPS
  • EPS (Encapsulated Post Script)
  • PS (Post Script)
  • SVG (Structured Vector Graphics)

Other source files

We can also handle files in other formats, such as:

  • InDesign INDD files
  • Corel Draw files

If you are not sure about the file format, give us a call and we'll check for you!